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The Big Picture

This is originally posted on my fanfiction account, and I wasn't gonna post it here, but then atobelover forced persuaded me to.

Another drabble that didn't end up that way. 2,500 FUCKING WORDS. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. HOW. Believe me, it started off a drabble. But anyway, I wrote this because there are so little KinRyo fics out there! I really found none! I also have a lot of KinRyo art (I don't know where I got it from though) on my laptop and looking at it makes me want to write them.

Title: The Big Picture
Author: white_wings0
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KinRyo
Summary: Kintarou thinks Ryoma's unfair. Ryoma is sick. (This didn't really have a summary originally.)
Warnings: Kintarou having a weird older personality, Ryoma being beautiful AGAIN, terrible kitchen skills
Disclaimer: Not mineeeee but Konomi Takeshi's.

Mada mada dane, Kintarou.Collapse )

The Seven Deadly Sins as PoT Characters

So I don't know why, but looking at Lust from Full Metal Alchemist got me thinking of this. At first it was Ryoma x ______ pairings that I was making into sins but then I changed it to characters when it stopped making sense.

So I came up with:

Wrath - Sanada. I mean, come on guys, he slaps people when they lose! It's the most obvious choice for me.

Greed - This is a hard one, but in the end Mizuki because, BECAUSE.

Sloth - Ryoma Jirou. This should need no explanation. Well, maybe Zaizen... nah, that's a whole other thing- IT'S JIROU KAY.

Pride - Whenever I see this I think Tezuka but it's so very, very, totally ATOBE. He is proud, that's why he's pride. Yes.

Lust - Fuji. I'm sorry, I can't think of anyone else for this but if anyone disagrees, at the very least Fanon Fuji. It doesn't only mean sexual
lust right?

Envy - Another hard one. There's no one that really fits here but I suppose ...Dan just cuz of that one episode where he becomes Ryoma. In looks anyway.

Gluttony - I'm torn between Tanishi and Momo but I'm going with Tanishi cuz he's fatter.

If you think about it Ryoma's pretty much Satan.

Byeeeee :)

[Fic] [AtoRyo] The Art of Denial

So apologies if it's weird and doesn't make sense but I wrote this from 2-6 in the morning. So cut me some slack?

Title: The Art of Denial
Author: white_wings0
Genre: Romance, Humor
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: AtoRyo
Disclaimer: Not mine. The story is but not the series.
Summary: Atobe doesn't know. Ryoma doesn't get it. Fuji might just be a voyeur.
Warnings: Ryoma being way too childish, Atobe being dramatic, Tezuka popping veins, Fuji.

For Atobelover, for being wonderfully wonderful.

Read on for incoherenceCollapse )

If someone could help me with this lj cut thing that would be nice, and If you liked, comments would be appreciated. :)
So, I just finished watching the last episode of PoT, or the OVAs whatever the hell you wanna call it, with my sister and now I'm just gonna sit and mindlessly wonder about it.

My biggest wonder when I was thinking of this is Tenimuhou no Kiwami (if I spelled that right).

So, the whole *you-only-reach-this-state-when-you-feel-like-tennis-is-fun* thing works against Rikkai sure, because they're the evil-religion-of-must-win-and-don't-really-give-a-damn-about-the-fun-theory but what about players like, I dunno Fuji? I mean they practically SAY IN THE ANIME that Fuji doesn't give a single fuck about whether or not he wins, sure he likes winning, but really he only plays for the thrilling, fun, feeling he gets when he plays a good game against someone. Is this not exactly what Nanjirou said about having Tenimuhou? But I guess you could argue he lacks ambition or something and that would get into a whole other conversation...

Whatever, I gave up trying to explain this anime a long time ago. why am I still trying again?

My second question is one that I don't even want to try and figure out, but I'll put it out there anyway if anybody knows.

Why exactly does fear of returning the ball to Yukimura make it seem like you're losing your senses? Did I miss something? Was this in a class or something? (I would really like it if someone helped me on this one)

Is this fandom still alive? It is right? I feel like I missed out on everything.


Soooo....I'm sorry I have no idea how to start stuff. So basically, I'm going to post a lot of random things and be off a lot and come on at random times, and almost all my posts will be PoT related because I live and breathe that stuff and and and....wanna be friends anyway? Yup.

(P.S. The only reason I actually got around to doing something on here is because atobelover beat me.


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